We live in a noisy world. Even when alone, we’re bombarded with texts, emails, and social media. The desire to seek solitude and silence isn’t only about finding a quiet place. It’s about discovering the gift of removing ourselves from the world to find our rest in the Word, Jesus.

I am no longer a slave because of the sacrifice of Jesus and my life should reflect it. 

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God’s method of salvation is to use humans to prepare the way so others can meet the Lord. Our actions can prepare someone to meet the Lord.

This five-week series looks at the life of one of the greatest people in history: Moses. This series focuses on what we can learn from his faith, his triumphs, and his failures.

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Jesus taught and modeled the importance of prayer, but prayer is as only good as their ability to reach God. In this series, we are going to expose the things that hinder our prayers so we can unlock its fullest potential and experience its supernatural impact in our lives.

Empty is not a good thing in a lot of cases. But it when comes to a tomb that's supposed to be full, containing the dead body of a man who claimed to be the Messiah, the Son of the living God, it is a good thing. It's a very good thing.

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This four week series on the book of Jonah shows God’s gracious concern for the whole world and the futility of running from Him.

Change is a part of life.  It will either bring us closer to God or take us further away from him.  The Christian life is about choosing to mature and reflect Jesus.  Choose to allow your life to be transformed to reflect Jesus.


God’s Word reveals who God is and his purposes for believers, but we often struggle to engage with Scripture in a meaningful way. This four-week series helps modern disciples prioritize God’s Word in their lives.

This one-week, end-of-the-year series leads us to reflect on all that God has done over the last twelve months. We will remember God’s work in our community, as well as how we have responded to him in baptism, discipleship, and more.

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Pain is never the purpose, but it may be the plan.  Click here to watch this three week sermon series, Christmas Isn't Cancelled.

This four-week series examines the biblical understanding of generosity. By looking at the character of God, the good Samaritan, the widow’s offering, and Paul’s encouragement to give generously, we will see that God wants us to be generous in all areas of our life.

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The marketplace is where you spend most of your life.  In this sermon, you will get three areas where your faith should grow on a regular basis.

The first step toward making life better, is to realize normal is no longer working, and we may need to change.  In this series, we will walk through the examples in the Bible of what is "Better"

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We believe this series has the potential to alter your life and certainly your prayer life.  Watch now for three dangerous prayers, but dangerous in a good way.

This 4-week series will guide us on how to find God, and create new rhythms in the unexpected, culture shifting situations we find ourselves in, whether because of a global pandemic like Covid-19, or a sudden change of life.

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This four-week sermon series exposes the truth that temptation comes to us with filters attached—it’s sin dressed up to look good. In vivid fashion, ‘Filters’ explores how sin seeks to entice all, and how we can overcome temptation through the power of Jesus Christ.

This four-week series encourages every person to experience a breakthrough. It highlights four people within the Gospels who experienced a personal breakthrough that completely changed their life. No life is too far gone for the all-sufficient, forgiving Savior. Jesus can take any life at any stage and make it a trophy of grace.


Today’s parenting has hit a new level of hard because of Covid-19. Many parents level of stress and responsibility has increased drastically. This Sunday, we are launching a brand-new series to help parents raise their kids before someone or something else does.

Something good is coming, and the Resurrection story proves it!
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Social distancing has changed our lives and the world is having to change fast.  Many of us are just trying to figure out what to do with what is going on around the world.  Can God use this crisis.  Find purpose in the chaos.

This four-week series teaches us to love the things that God loves. Through the words of the prophet Malachi, we learn God’s love for his people, his name, his covenant, and his messenger. These same passions are to be present in the lives of his people today.


This four-week Christmas sermon series explores the beauty and importance of the incarnation through the lenses of four classic Christmas films. Just as we find unexpected truth in these movies, we learn that the real Christmas story is the story of God working in unexpected ways in the pursuit of his people.

We all have times when God doesn’t. Maybe you didn’t get that job you were praying for, or God didn’t heal that family member you prayed so desperately for Him to save. In this 4-week series, we will look at a man named Habakkuk in the Bible and his personal struggle with when God didn’t. 

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Military reserves wait to be activated. Second string football, basketball, and baseball players wait to be activated. In the Christian world, you don’t have reserves or second string. Everyone is activated. In the game, on the field, giving their best for the glory of God and to grow God’s kingdom through the local church. Are you activated?

Who do you say that Jesus is?  Do you say He is how the world describes Him, or do you define Him by what you read in His word?

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Who do you say that Jesus is?  Do you say He is how the world describes Him, or do you define Him by what you read in His word?

In this series, we will be discovering and destroying self-made idols.  This is a three-week study out of Exodus chapter 32.

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Salvation is a gift. You accepted it. Now what? Chapter two starts now, whether you’re just now starting your journey with Jesus, or you've been in it for a while, knowing what’s next can help you fill in the script of Chapter 2 and live a life of focus rather than regret.

Everyone wants to be happy but something or someone ruins our chances. This leave us doubting that we can or will ever be happy again. But, what if happiness was possible regardless of situations or people in your life, wouldn’t you want to know? In this series, we will focus on 5 habits that lead to personal happiness.

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This series outlines four principles of effective Bible study so the learner can get the most out of their time with God in the Bible.

Thanks to social media, friendships are changing fast and many have no idea why or even how. In this series, we will explain what it means to make and keep the right squad so you can become who God desires you to be, without letting a digital world shape your view of friendships.

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In this series, learn the power of living free.  Discover the strength and the victory that Christ has for us in our mind.  

Jesus set a model for us, in how we should love others.  Learn the characteristics to "Love Like Jesus".


We have a vision to change lives at Foundation Church.  In this series, connect to our core values to transport the vision into real life.

How to make 2019 your "It" year.

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Learn how to handle life's cruel unexpected twists and turns and remain confident in God's promises over our lives.