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Easter is the biggest day of the year, but the stress of matching outfits, meal prep, house cleaning, and more can erase the fun right out of your Easter.  Our plan at Foundation Church this year is to do something traditional, make it memorable, have fun, and do something important.  You to, can follow our steps to help you plan the perfect Easter.

1. Do something traditional:

  • Hunt eggs with the kids

  • Get together with family

  • Read the Easter story in John 20:1-9

2. Make it memorable:

  • Take plenty of photos

  • Be creative

  • Grab some Easter baskets and candy

  • Buy a baby rabbit ;)

  • Just kidding, chocolate covered rabbits are fine!


easter article picture.png

3. Have Fun:

  • Tell stories

  • Laugh often

  • Let the kids scream loud (outside of course) and chase each other.

4. Do something important:

  • Eat, a lot!

  • Take a nap after lunch. LOL! :)

  • Go fishing or take a walk

  • Go To Church

  • Worship at Foundation Church with other new people!


We are so excited about everything that is going on at Foundation Church the weekend of April 20-21.  So lets join plans and meet at the same place this year!  You won't be the only new person, we promise.  Mr. Galaxy, the Easter Bunny, a photographer, and a room full of smiling faces will be waiting on you!  You will have a blast, and your kids will thank you for it.

You can plan your visit by clicking the link.  It really is that simple!


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