Aim Your Parenting Towards Christ

Parent Tip: Parent the heart over the habit.

When we parent, we tend to focus on what we see. We need to get below the surface and the best way to do that is to use the word of God. It has a way of discerning the thoughts and intents of our hearts. Once, we understand and our child understand their motive for the decisions they have made, they are in a better position to overcome the real problem.


We have to remember; habits are directed by beliefs. Change the belief, change the behavior.


Read Hebrews 4:12




Kids are harsh and relationship often times lack depth and commitment. Sometimes, the anxiety, the pressure, and hurt is so real for our kids they need a judgement free place to unload.


I mean think about it, most adults have to share their hurts and struggles with others. And who wants to share with someone, who has more answers than ears to listen.


Sometimes, we just need to listen. Correction can come later; they just may need to unload. It helps people relinquish pain and pressure or work through it. Make time to build a relationship of trust where your child can share their struggles. Jesus listens to us.




A lot of times when we are mad or embarrassed about our kids’ decisions, we press them hard for a reason why. But in the moment, they may be scared or even confused about their own motives. Sometimes things just happen, and we don’t even know why, yet. Give your child time to calm down and process the decisions.


If you want the real motivation, you may have to wait for it but when you wait, you bring them back to parent tip one: Parent the heart over the habit.



I dislike having to say to my kids, I was wrong. But sometimes, that is exactly what they need to hear. When we ignore our own sins or struggles, we only teach our kids to do the same.


Sometimes, humility is the best form of correction our kids could ever have.




Sometimes I hear parents say: If I can just keep my kids busy then maybe they will stay out of trouble. What if we changed our parenting model and just spent more quality time with our kids and raised them to love God and others. Love can change more than activity, parent your kids like love matters.

Parent Tip: They need a true friend as much as they need a parent.

Parent Tip: Why may not have an answer yet.

Parent Tip: Being wrong is sometimes better than being right.

Parent Tip: Loves changes lives more than activity.