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Three Reasons Baptism May Be For You!

Baptism is something that has marked the response of people to Jesus for over 2000 years. If you haven’t been baptized since you’ve decided to follow Jesus, you may want to consider the following.

1. If you have a desire to obey the Lord and follow His example for your life. Jesus taught us and showed us the importance of Baptism.

I would say if you were baptized and don’t remember why or felt it wasn’t for real, it’s time for a do over. Obedience should be carried out in love, and this is something worth remembering.


2. If you want to celebrate what God has done for you.

It’s true God’s work in our lives should be celebrated, and this faith family wants to celebrate with you the best day of your life.

3. If you want God to use your story.

Impact happens around meaningful moments in our lives, and nothing is more important than your decision to trust Christ. your obedience could impact the lives of family and friends, so why not? Go ahead and invite them and see what God will do through your story.


If any of these are you, we’d love to baptize you at our next Baptism Sunday on May 19th. It’s going to be a fantastic day! Sign up is easy. Just click here and give us some info and we'll do the rest.


We are already cheering for you!