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909 South Poplar Street Elizabethtown, NC 28337

Worship Service/Galaxy Kids - 10:00am

More people will attend church Easter Sunday than any other time of the year. Whether you’re an introvert and hate crowds, skeptical of faith, or love it when the room is full of life and energy, this is the best, first time for you to attend church and here is why:


1. You won’t feel alone. Every Easter the church has a lot of first-time guest attending. The atmosphere feels new for everyone, including those who have attended for a long time. You won’t be alone nor will you stand out. You can relax, enjoy yourself and who knows, you might just make a friend that could last forever.


2. You may find answers to doubts or questions. Because this is a day when more new faces attend, messages are usually focused on helping to answer questions or doubts someone has about Christianity or themselves.


3. It’s a really big day. If you know anything about the Bible, maybe you know that according to one author in it, all of Christianity hinges on the “Resurrection of Jesus”. If Jesus is not risen, Christianity and God is pointless. But because Jesus is ALIVE, Christians have hope, confidence, purpose, and eternal value.


Does any of this interest you?

THIS SUNDAY at Foundation is a big day, and we are planning a service to help you feel right at home with a practical message on relationships and how the resurrection of Jesus is the answer and hope for authentic relationships that will truly last forever.


This should be your first day at Foundation.


Plan your visit today and make a connection with someone you know and trust before you ever come.


Why Easter is the Best Time to Attend Church

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